rain-washed – but not brain-washed…

(Today) Saturday was the day for our long trailrun through the Dolomites. Divided into three groups with three guides from a local hiking-/trailguide company we made up to 32 kilometres great trails through the mountains of the Dolomites with more than 1500 meters uphill in summary. Some of the first („speed-„) group (respectful greetings to our girls and boys from Russia ;-)) did 5 more kilometers additionaly…

It was really a great run: great landscapes, hiking paths, technical trails, hard uphills, some short paths for climbing, … And sometimes sun also. But most times there was frog and it was raining very often – 1-2 hours really strong rain in fact.

But during this periods of strong rain the team spirit was amazing: We motivated each other with good words – and with singing very much. 😉

Another very helpful point for these not so funny kilometres was the GORE-stuff. No – I am not brainwashed, but the new running jacket with GORE-TEX-membrane is really great. This is a completely new development – there have not been running jackets/wear with this membrane until now (maybe you know Windstopper active shell – but this is another membrane).
I weared this jacket the complete 5-6 hours run during all weather periods: windy without rain, windy in the sun, soft and very strong rain, sun (with running a longer uphill with „a little bit“ sweat), during an hour photo-shooting with Kelvin (with very much short up- and downhills in a short time – „picture is ok, but once again, please“) and several hundred meters downhill with upcoming rain again.
There was definetly not any humidity into this jacket – neither from outside nor from inside.
If you not believe that we were not brainwashed during the camp you should check by your local dealer ;-): running jackets with „GORE-TEX active shell“ membrane.

Don’t misunderstand the picture below: Of course we did not loose our way and went back to our Lodge for a shower/bath and another great dinner. After that Robert presented some facts about the Antarctican Youcan Ultra Trail and the Djungle Marathon (events organized by him).

Kelvins fotoshow („pictures of the days“) lead to great enthusiasm and (fully earned) applause for these awesome fotos…

Even if it is hard to top all these impressions and experiences we will be out for heli-running tomorrow morning…

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