Our first day – full of GORE-/trailrun-experiences!

For some experiences it is not possible to describe them with words – the GORE-trailrun camp in the Dolomites is definitly such an experience…

But I will try to give you some impressions:
All participants arrived on Thursday evening from all over Europe (with a little delay caused by high traffic volume in Italy after an accident) on Las Vegas Lodge in the Dolomites – more a luxuary home than a „camp“ for the next 4 days. In an amazing landscape – 360° around us.

All 20 runners, supported by GORE-staff (who are very kind and experienced trailrunners also and take part in the programm most times), people vom international press, the PROs (trainer Beni Hug and Ultra-Trail-worldmasterin Lizzy Hawker), our great photographer Kelvin Trautman from South-Africa (see first impressions below!!!), a movie team, a physiotherapeut and our medical team started with a
great dinner (5 plates…) – to take power for the next days. Even if am not sure if we need so much power as offered by the Las-Vegas-team. 😉
After dinner GORE gave us a very warm welcome with a big welcome package with GORE garments (trousers, shirt, a jacket, cap, socks, …).
And they presented the schedule for the next days. Really an amazing programm: A recovery run with the complete group, technical training, presentations from the PROs, a medical check, a professional fitness check (laktat diagnostics on ergometer), relaxing time and massage, a long run on Saturday and the absolute highlight on Sunday: heli-running.

We started the Friday with a big breakfast. After that we met on the terrace and could choose a new pair of shoes from several different companies – all with GORE-Tex membrane. Great and interesting new stuff – like the evening before! 😉

Divided into two groups the first group started with Beni the technical training. And for the first time I lost my smile these days: The workouts for special muscles needed with (trail-) running were quite hard. 😉
Some theory about technical specific technicals for trailrunning in comparison with streetrunning introduces our training exercises. Back into the Dolomites we practised downhill and uphill running „live“ on the trails. I (as an „old“ streetrunner) did not expect that it is possible to run down such mountains without a crash…
We had so much luck with the weather today: Back at the Lodge we powered up with a great lunch (delicious Italian pizza, different bred with cheese/ham/… and very sweet cake) on the terrace in the warm sun (shining the whole day).

After that the medical check started. Dr. Hansi Vater and his team started an intensive medical check before they performed a professional fitness check (laktat diagnostics on ergometer with checking EKG same time) with everybody from us.
The rest of the afternoon was relaxing time. For me time for a bath (with Dolomites view from the window), for a massage and to write this article.

Altogether we met at 19:30 for dinner (Italian-style with several plates again…), for a briefing about the next day – and a presentation of Ultratrail-worldmaster Lizzy Hawker with here impressive experiences and thoughts about nature and running.

A more than a perfect day – thanks to GORE-team and GORE-experience-project!

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