„German 3er-combo“

Our team: the „German 3er-combo„!

With our first idea of a cooperation to promote our applications of the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour the name „German 3er-combo“ arised. But we don’t really care about a specific name for our team. We are three runners who love the nature and trailrunning – and most important: We became a real team (and friends) over the last weeks!

We have not known us before but „met us“ while commenting Facebook news for the project. We sent some kind private messages, shared our (trail-) running experiences and figured out that it would be much more fun not to fight against each other for participation but to cooperate in „promoting“ our applications! So we created this small website to keep you up to date with information about us, our training, our trailrunning-activities, …

After first promises to spent each other sparkling wine and ice cream at the destination of a long run (maybe the Transalpine-Run?) – „… motivated by sparkling wine and ice cream“! 🙂 – we agreed to our slogan „motivated by nature…“! And noticed that this is a good slogan for our personal activities over the last weeks/months/years in general.

Of course we are very, very happy now to be part of the camp TOGETHER – but before we was chosen for taking part of the project even the application became so much fun that everything was it worth already until this stage. 😉

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