Pearl Izumi – testing stuff (not only) in South-Africa

Now – during my holiday in South-Africa – I finally found the time to write the long planned and announced posting about „PEARL IZUMI“. During winter in Germany I tested one pair of their shoes and prototypes of next winter collection already. And it fits the time period here in South-Africa very good: Even if it is still sunny and warm the local running magazines are already writing about next winter period training which will start here soon. 🙂

But back to „Pearl Izumi“:
I heard about the company several years ago – but mainly as specialized producer for triathlon gear. Last year with winning the Facebook competition „Pearl Izumi trailrunning face of the year“ and taking part in a PI-roadshow for trailrunning with „dealer“ Rolli (at store „Watt läuft“ in Bochum) I made the experience that they are very good in trailrunning stuff also!

After several winter trails in Germany „supported by Pearl Izumi“ I took shoes and stuff with me to South-Africa.

And they did a very good job with my trailruns in the Drakensberge, at the (first stage of the) Otter-Trail, the Signal Hill and the Table Mountains/Tafelberg in Capetown…

Even if I am not a specialized product tester I will try to write some words about my very good experiences with the stuff.

Shoes – „Peak II“:
The „Peak II“ is a very lightweight shoe. Directly with my first running meters it felt very good and responsive.
I tested the shoe first on a short street run (because with my most – not only longer/ultra-runs there will be street and trail in a mix). They did a good job with this. On trails they have a good grip (even on bigger rocks as with the first stage of the Ottertrail).
I am looking forward to wear the Peak II (not only) for next longer trail races!

Gear – winter tights long:
The tights are very warm, even if I did not sweat abnormally. 🙂
Wearing them feels very comfortable. Totally convinced I was from the pockets at both sides which are suitable for small bottles or energy bars! Really a great idea and very usable because wearing this stuff directly at the body avoids any uncomfortable movements. At the roadshow they told us that this idea is very „old“ and exists longer with PI-products and other manufacturers copied this idea in the meantime…

Gear – lightweight rain jacket:
The rain jacket I am using is a very lightweight jacket. I had it in my rucksack for hiking to the top of the Mount Sterkhorn (2973m) in the Drakensberge. At the top I used it to be protected against the heavy wind – great!
A friend from the Netherlands was very astonished about the material and the weight of the jacket also.
As with trousers there are several „functional goodies“ as rubber on the shoulders to avoid slipping rucksack holders. And I like the design with the black arms and coloured body at all.

Even if green is not my at most preferred colour the stuff is designed very well (especially I like the design and colours of the women collection!).

So watch out the next winter collection of PEARL IZUMI – of course because of the great stuff and not mainly for the trailrunning face. 🙂

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