a city-(half-)marathon – missing nature

Last Sunday I took part in another race: The half-marathon 2011 in Duisburg.
After some weeks with very much (different) sporting activities but without any specific training for running/HM my primary motivation for this attendance was the collective meeting with several friends from our running team „LT Bittermark“.

I hope not to bother anyone, but Duisburg is not one of the most beautiful cities in Germany/the Ruhrgebiet. So while running with kilometer 12/13 several doubts arised (not only caused by some first pain in my legs 😉 ):
The day before I went out for a long trip with my mountainbike in great nature around Dortmund and I was really impressed about all the nature, the forrest, trails, the river Ruhr in the industrial area Ruhrgebiet. And now: Running over tarmac roads through a (not very beautiful) city only to achieve a good time finally?! Hmm…

But there was some help: Thinking about all beautiful races and nature experiences in the past – and looking forward for all future activities. 🙂

Of course I don’t want to disregard the good result achieved, the perfect organization, the great atmosphere (especially after the race) and the fun with our running team…

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