getting in touch with old friends – thanks to Facebook and GORE-project!

Last days I contacted some old friends (fellowers from school, friends from homeland…), told them about the GORE-project and asked for their support and votes.
Beside the matter of fact that it was possible for me to collect some more votes with this the feedback and the upcoming communication was very amazing!

Discussions and messages arised about our old teachers of sports, our way of living as teenies, my additional weight about 15kg during school, the current jobs, sporting activies (much more became runners/jogger in the meantime also – only a few „couch potatoes“), the families (and small children) and some specific chats about trailrunning, gear, GORE ;-), …

It is very amazing to see all of the minor impacts of these project! And I am looking forward for all major impacts in the future also (hopefully…)! 😉

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