Training/trail run in the morning…

Motivated not only by nature but from Frank’s training report and some kind Facebook-conversation with GORE-team yesterday evening (they told me that they would be responsible for equipment but I am responsible for the fitness level of my legs… 😉 ) I went out for a training run on the trail route from our „Lauftreff Bittermark“ this morning quite early.

Even if I was a little bit tired after a comprehensive training week and not as fast as I could be it was a great run about 18km in 1:26:56 – with approx. 400m uphill in summary (ok, no big mountains, but not as bad for such a short route in the Ruhrgebiet I guess). More hills (without duplicating) are hardly possible in this area of the forrest. A friend of mine called this trail „running on a stamp“ lately.
I added about 4 relaxing kilometres additional, took a shower and went awaked and inspired into the office…

Map: „running on a stamp“

Elevation profile

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