Some days are better, some …

Unfortunately I am a little bit „handicapped“ with running/training also. At the end of long runs there is some pain in my right thigh. My physcial therapist eliminated a blockaded pelvis already (hopefully this is translated from German correctly 😉 ) and it is much more better.

On Friday (early) morning I went out for a trailrun in Dortmund’s Bittermark. After it was raining very much with start of my run the rain stopped and sun appeared. So I did not need my GORE-jacket at all 😉 and I started a very good (and fast) run with very much fun back in the forrest. The check with physical therapist afterwards went fine also.

Unfortunately yesterday with 35km Long Run in Papenburg near North Sea the pain was back again and the last hour of the training (the way back home…) was very hard.

But there are good news also: I tried my new running backpack and went out for my first run with rucksack ever. First km it was a little bit unfamiliar but the feeling became better very soon. It’s a good feeling to be equipped with enough energy bars and water – and that there is no need to have a look for a petrol station or icecream bar to get some water/sugar. 😉

Today is recovery day and I am looking forward for the next training exercise hopefully with less pain again. Have a good and sunny Sunday!

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