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„A little bit catastrophe, much more beauty“
(2017-03-17 09:11:53)
Full of emotions we are back to valley now and checked out at ACAP trekking checkpoint this morning. A kind guide we met was right: "Ein bisschen Katastrophe und ganz viel Schönheit!" I have problems to find right words now. It was different than expected, we were very near a/the disaster, we made incredible experiences, had stunning views, met so many kind people from Nepal and all over the world, …
I have to sort this out and a short (?!) story and more pictures will follow soon.
A big thank you for support from RocknTrail, Osprey, Odlo, CEP and merrell. And of course the deepest thank you to my mountain girl for this incredible way(s) together…

The last steps down to street
(2017-03-17 07:17:48)
From Tikhedhungga we are going down to Nayapul and the street (with buses/taxi) to Pokhara now. A last morning in the sun, a little bit tired but much more sad that the end is near.
[Good that I did not expect such a taxi drive home now typing this news – if you read this end was near a second time – but we survived…]

Heavy thunderstorms in Tikhedhungga
(2017-03-16 17:06:35)
After 3,5 hours with countless stairs approx. 1500m down we decided to stop the night in Tikhedhungga. We had great lunch in sun but soon heavy thunderstorms started. Great to see the rain from dry and cozy room while relaxing the afternoon…

Direction down and civilization
(2017-03-16 09:47:10)
After 2-3 days without internet (and electricity in Ghorepani) we are on our way down/direction Pokhara and civilization right now. Still a great trail beside the small river. As this is touri-trail here many Asians with masks, one with a parasol and three guys with trikots from BVB on track!

Poon Hill at afternoon
(2017-03-15 13:49:48)
Even if there was no great view I went alone on Poon Hill for several minutes at afternoon. No WiFi and electricity in Ghorepani and all prepared messages crashed so sorry for missing pictures last days…

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