Color up your life, this is what I stand for. Be spontaneous, open minded, try out things that are new and unknown at first glance. This brought me into off-road-running and to this blog with Jens and Frank. I hit the trails in 1997 when I started my first job in Stuttgart after my college years in a rather flat part of Germany. Stuttgart is well known for steep vineyards and offers nice back country sides, so I decided to explore my neighborhood by bike and by running in the woods. Since that time I participated in different street running events, which brought a lot of fun. After a job change to Munich, finally a Swiss colleague took me on a short, but real technical trail run during a business meeting in Switzerland ….I promised myself never run off-road in that manner again, after we returned to the hotel. But this was a far reaching experience to me. Some weeks later, again a Swiss colleague asked me to join a 21 k mountain run. It seemed to be a joke and to me it sound more like a huge hiking event, “running” steep uphill, I could not really imagine that, but since that race, I was reborn as a real off-road runner. So today, most of the time I run the Bavarian Alps, but I also love my home trails around the “5-Lakes” close to Munich.

Some pictures from Janina

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